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Marketing Jun 6, 2023

A simple conversation goes a long way.

It is true for relationships and businesses. 

Brands flourish by maintaining a connection with their customers not simply through websites but by going a step further and directly reaching them.

The users feel seen and identified when they get to experience content tailor-made for their needs and requirements.They appreciate the human touch while engaging with a brand.

Conversational marketing steps up this game of interaction and helps you connect with your 

audience and convert them in an easy, quick, and innovative way.

What exactly is conversational marketing, then?

As the name suggests, it uses conversation as a tool to market itself. But unlike regular marketing, it targets a small group of people at a time. It refers to a strategy built to boost the two-way relationship between brands and customers for better conversion, customer retention, and engagement. 

The interaction is modified in such a way that customers feel that your brand is personally talking to them.

A quick solution to queries, responding to customer review, trendy chatbots, and personalized emails are ways the customer feels heard. A strong customer relationship will also help your brand be seen in a positive light.

Remember, communication is a major factor in linking communities together, which is why a strong conversational strategy would help you receive better feedback.

Conversational marketing is not a new phenomenon; it’s a widely used practice that has seen revolutions thanks to AI and chatbots.

Uber, Amazon, and Apple have invested heavily in creating strong conversational marketing techniques, and even international organizations like WHO are utilizing WhatsApp to connect with their target audience.

WhatsApp itself has more than 2 billion monthly active users! Imagine the pool of customers you can target by sliding into their DMs and marketing. 

So what’s stopping you?

If you need more convincing on why you should focus your attention on conversational marketing, then keep reading:

1) Increases Engagement: For customers, navigating a new website can be quite overwhelming, especially when there are a lot of elements involved.

Efficiency and convenience are the keys to satisfaction. 

For this reason, chatbots and live chat features allow customers to quickly reach their desired results and ultimately enhance brand’s engagement level.

2) Explore multi-channels: New social media channels keep popping up every day, and even the concentration of users keeps changing based on their popularity.

For instance, there is a tremendous shift from regular email marketing to social media marketing like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Instagram to reach customers and interact with them.

You can explore different channels to connect and understand how it works, based on which you can create personalized messages for targeted customers.

3) Conversion rates: Remember how convincing face-to-face sales are? Now simply apply that convincing power to the digital marketing world. 

Conversations lead to connections which eventually lead to conversion. 

By actively participating in customer feedback, and complaint resolution, and going out of the way to interact with customers on a personal level brands witness higher conversion rates than general. Chatbots and live chats also push people to interact and help in conversion.

4) Gather Valuable Insights: A great thing about marketing in today’s time is the ease of gathering analytics and tracking customer buying patterns.

Chatbots, direct calling, and quick surveys help you receive feedback without wasting much effort. A follow-up call will help you understand their experiences on a much more personalized level. 

Based on these responses, you can provide needed solutions.

5) Customer satisfaction:  Actively listening to customer needs, asking open-ended questions, following up frequently, and working on them shows your sincerity to customers.

It creates trust between the customer and the brand. Consistent effort, in the long run, will leave a lasting impression and build customer loyalty.


The customer is king, and conversational marketing helps you treat your customers like one. It’s easy to implement in your existing marketing strategies. Just initiate a conversation and listen to your customers.

Chatbots have made navigation easy, and you can easily categorize what customers expect from your brand.

Conversational marketing is all about brand experience, going beyond rigid business relations, and ensuring a worthwhile experience.

Riya Panwar

With more than 3 years of experience as a content marketer, Riya has explored different industries including B2B, SaaS and B2C sectors. She keeps keen interest in marketing and has been exploring the fundamentals of the domain ever since she started writing.


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