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News Aug 18, 2022
white pencil studio

In marketing and scaling, there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. Here at White Pencil Studio, we create out-of-the-box solutions for companies that want to grow and make an impact. Located in Delhi, India, our team provides a diverse range of services to help address the unique pain points of clients and allow them to make the most of their investments. We are always ready to conquer challenges and take on opportunities for the sake of our partners’ goals.

white pencil studio

Today, we’re proudly celebrating an incredible milestone that was unlocked by our clients’ awesome support. According to the very first The Manifest Company Recognitions, White Pencil Studio is among the most recommended and reviewed companies! The 2022 directory on The Manifest’s page cites our team as a leader in Delhi’s digital marketing, design, SEO, web design, digital, SEO mobile optimization, branding, and UX design scenes!

This is great news for us! We want to seize this opportunity to thank and congratulate those who helped make it a reality. Awards like this wouldn’t be possible without our stakeholders, teammates, and clients. The continued trust and cumulative contributions of everyone allowed us to grow beyond what was expected.

white pencil studio

Moreover, The Manifest is an independent business news resource designed to help browsers navigate different B2B markets. In their inaugural awards, the platform honors the highly-rated service providers that earned the most number of stellar testimonials and referrals over the past twelve months.

It goes without saying, we owe this achievement to our beloved clients. Thank you so much to everyone who put their faith in White Pencil Studio. We are privileged to have you as our partners through whatever highs and lows.

Join the digital era and get heard with White Pencil Studio. Send us a message and let us know what we can do together. 



shivam - CEO
Shivam Srivastava

With 9+ years of industry expertise, Shivam is the founder of White Pencil Studio - recently recognised as the top Marketing and Branding agency by Clutch. He intends to pass on his knowledge of Marketing, Branding and Design to add value to the industry.


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