Marketing Jul 20, 2023

Are you Threading already? 

Or is it just the 100 million users who have already signed up on the app? 

In the last 5 days, Threads managed to become a hot topic across the globe. 

If you’ve been MIA, here’s what you need to know. 

On July 5, 2023, Meta launched Threads, an instagram app – that allows people to engage in real-time conversations. Unlike Instagram and other social media platforms, Threads encourages you to say more. Literally! 

But it’s just an app like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and so many other social media platforms that we’ve been using for decades. 

Then what is this entire fuss about? 

Let us walk you through it! 

What is Instagram Threads? 

As mentioned earlier, Threads is an Instagram app for text-based messaging. People are also saying that it is a spin-off app that prioritises conversations over visual content. 

The UI of the app somewhat resembles the comment section of Instagram. However, the functionality seems to be inspired by Twitter. 

The app allows you to reply to people’s posts and also reshare the content you like. 


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One major reason it became a hit in such a short span of time is because of the ease of signing up that it brings to Instagram users. 

Talking about which brings us to the part where Meta very smartly asked people to collect their “Ticket to Threads” via the search option in the Instagram app. 

Which looks somehow like this: 

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On clicking the ticket, one can be redirected to the app store on their device – from where they can download the app and log in with their IG account without having to enter their details manually or struggling to find an available username. 

We personally liked the ticket thing a lot. Quite creative! 

What’s creating the controversy, though? 

Apart from the Musk Vs. Mark debate. Security concerns are rolling around, making people a little nervous while creating their threads accounts, which is why the app is yet to reach the EU user base. 

To specify, the app collects health and fitness, financial, location and browsing information of the users. Given the scenario, privacy experts across the globe have raised their concerns and issued warnings for the people planning to get on the app. 

Their primary concern is whether Meta will comply with regulatory requirements or not. 

This reminds us of the Twitter legal action against the company. 

As contended by the company, Threads was created by Meta by leveraging the company’s trade secrets they got access to via the former employees of Twitter they hired. 

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Which lead to people Tweeting about Threads and other social media platforms. Remember Clubhouse? Well.

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Well, that’s all we know about the app so far. Whether it will flourish in the coming years and if at all it will evolve is a question no one can answer right now. 

But from the looks of it, it sure as hell is going to turn the tables around for marketers. 

How can marketers Leverage Instagram Threads? 

If we have to start from the very basics, Threads as a platform offers a lot more free-hand to people when it comes to content. 

It has a character limit of 500 words as opposed to Twitter, which allows you to write around 280 characters. You can share visuals up to 5 minutes long and add links and images as it pleases you. 

For those of you who already have an established audience over Instagram, it’s a godsend. 

You can easily build an audience, indulge in creating content and repurpose what you post on other channels. And for those who haven’t started yet, it could be a clean slate – to rock things up before it gets crowded. 

All in all, we don’t see a reason to not like another platform that can help us connect with people and build communities. 


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