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Marketing Jun 1, 2023

When planning your brand’s marketing strategy, the first thing to consider is relevance. You need to ensure that your marketing efforts align with what’s trending around you.

It would be a total disaster if you started promoting Valentine’s Day during Christmas or missed out on using popular events like the IPL season to endorse your products. It is where the moment marketing comes into play.

So, what does this mean? It simply means you’ve got to market the moment! 

This ‘moment’ can be defined as any event, be it traditional news, social media trends, viral memes, etc.

Marketers use these events to participate in the conversation, which helps them garner attention in the best way possible. It also gives you unexpected reactions and is a great way to connect, converse and convert audiences into customers.

To make your brand the star of the moment, it is important to seize the correct event, and correlate it with your product or USP. You need to showcase creative ways to grab your audience’s attention by using witty one-liners, feature videos, posts, and ads that infuse current happenings with your brand.

Moment marketing is a popular marketing tool; Amul, in particular, is way ahead in this game. This kind of marketing has increased its brand recall and positioned it as a household name.

They understood the needs of their target audience and focused on using social media and newspapers as a major way to attract the youth of India.

In this way, they set an example of how dairy products should be promoted. Their relatable content resonated with the masses, and it helped them create a unique identity based on their signature polka dot frock girl.

Who knows, strong-moment marketing might make your brand a hit as well.

What are the benefits of moment marketing?

  1. Reach: Moment marketing is all about indulging in ongoing conversations and getting your brand out there. It’s like joining a big party and making everyone talk about you. If you come up with a killer creative idea, your reach can even exceed your targeted goal.

      Who knows your brand might even go viral!

  1. Audience Needs: People these days crave instant gratification. They are interested to know what’s trending and happening right now. Moment marketing lets you give them what they want and keep them entertained. It’s all about staying relevant and satisfying their thirst for the latest trends. If you can do that, you’ll be their favorite brand in no time.
  2. Cost-effective Tool: This marketing approach  isn’t just for big fashion, food, or entertainment brands. Even government bodies, companies, and NGOs are hopping on the moment marketing train because it’s easy, convenient, and budget-friendly.  

You don’t have to go all out; just be creative and witty. It’s a smart and efficient way to promote your brand without compromising your finances.

However remember it’s always a challenge to strike at the right time because timing is everything here.

If you launch your strategies at the wrong time or miss the mark completely, your competitors could easily swoop in and steal your audience with their well-timed and clever campaigns. And nobody wants that! 

But remember that not every moment is your moment to shine. Be careful with the trends you choose to jump on. There have been cases where brands faced backlash for getting it wrong.

So choose wisely and don’t piss off your audience. Keep it fun, engaging, and respectful, and you’ll be on the right track.

Moment marketing, therefore, is your way to stand out in the crowd and gather attention. All you need to do is swiftly grab the moment and combine it with your brand’s vision.

It is a cost-saving, entertaining, and dynamic approach to marketing, but the only challenge is to seize the right moment and execute it with good taste.


Riya Panwar

With more than 3 years of experience as a content marketer, Riya has explored different industries including B2B, SaaS and B2C sectors. She keeps keen interest in marketing and has been exploring the fundamentals of the domain ever since she started writing.


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