An electrical control system between the picker room and the opening room of a cotton mill is an efficient way of maintaining a uniform feed to the feeders of the process pickers. In a group of one process pickers fed by a distributor, each breaker feeder should have in its hopper a control divide that is connected to an electrical start hand stop motion or control unit.

A device called the “finger rack” or a “swing door” is mounted within the hopper. It consists of 7 or 8 rods fastened to a shaft so that their bottom ends swing over the bottom apron. To the shaft end is fastened an actuating lever that carries a counter weight. A start and stop switch is mounted at the forward end of the actuating leaver. The switch door is free to swing until the actuating lever contracts either the start or atop positions. When the volume of cotton in hopper is reduced in amount the electrical control operates to renew the supply. The actuating lever is placed in contact with start station and when this contact is made the opening machines through suitable connections are caused to operate and cotton is conveyed into the hopper.


When a blow-room is feeding two or three switchers, a distributor controls the flow material into the individual