Fashion, which is as old as time and as new as tomorrow , is one of the most powerful forces in our lives .It influences what we wear , the way we talk, the food we eat, the way we live, how and where we travel, what we look at we listen to. the Fashion is what leads us to discard a product that is still useful but no longer in. It is also what we listen to. The fashion is what leads than we actually need and sometimes less than is needed to protect us from the cold of the sun. the intensity with which changes in fashion are followed by people everywhere at all levels of society is the evidence of its social significance and its impact on human behaviours. To be out of fashion is indeed to be out of the world.

The terms ‘fashion’ and ‘style’ are confused by many people who say, that’s the style, when they really means, that’s the fashion. Style is a types of product that has one or more specific features or characteristics that distinguish it and make it different from other products so the same types. For example, round neck is one particular style of neck like and neck is another style. Baggy jeans have common characteristics- fullness that distinguishes them from other types of jeans.

Similarly, there are different styles of fabrics each of which has its own distinctive features such as denim, gabbendine, chiffon and even crepe. Within a specific style there can be many variations on trimmings, tentures, and decorations or other details. The individual interpretations or versions of the same style are called designs. Compared with the number of styles in any given product the possible variety of designs is limitless. Each design is different from the other in detail. There are individual interactions of their respective styles.

Fashions are not static. There is always a movement, which has a certain the directions. l the directions in which fashion are moving are called fashion trend. For example, skirt lengths may be moving up from calf of knee, perhaps almost imperceptibly from one season to the next, but generally in an upward direction . the change from season to season may be sight but they generally have a direction. The ability to recognize the direction or trend is vital to fashion practitioners. These people must work for ahead of consumers buying periods. Much of their success depends upon their ability to read the signs and recognize promptly the incoming and outgoing trends in fashion. The terms Avant grade and forward fashion are often used to describe styles that are gaining acceptance.